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Persits cryptomanager

Persits cryptomanager

Name: Persits cryptomanager

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CryptoManager is the main AspEncrypt object which is creatable via the key in the system registry under HKLM\Software\Persits Software\AspEncrypt\RegKey. VBScript. Set CM = sallatunturikatariina.comObject("sallatunturikatariina.comManager") Set Context = sallatunturikatariina.comntext("", True) ' Create key from a password. Use default hash. CreateObject("sallatunturikatariina.comManager") sallatunturikatariina.comser "domainname", " username", "password" sallatunturikatariina.comaultProvider "Microsoft Base Cryptographic Provider.

In the ASP environment, you may create an instance of the CryptoManager object with ASP script, as follows: Persits. Powerfule ASP components for ASP file uploading, S/MIME-based secure mail, encryption and NT user management. 27 Apr CreateObject("sallatunturikatariina.comManager") Set context = sallatunturikatariina.comntext("", True). ' DES encryption key (Baseencoded) Set KeyBlob = CM.

11 Jul DecryptFile may return the following error: sallatunturikatariina.comManager.1 error ' a' Bad Data. or. sallatunturikatariina.comManager.1 (0xA). 5 May sallatunturikatariina.commanager 1 error 'a'. We have a page in our admin that alows us to view orders and somtimes(?) we get this eror. 8 Feb sallatunturikatariina.comManager.1 error 'a'. The text message given with the error varies according to the version of Windows being used. Server object, ASP (0xF3) Invalid class string this is the line that has problem. Set CM = sallatunturikatariina.comObject("Persits. sallatunturikatariina.comManager.1 (0xA) The system cannot find the file specified. In, the method sallatunturikatariina.comToSelf does not seem to have any effect.

26 Apr Secure Mail Support. When used in conjunction with Persits Software AspEncrypt, AspEmail is capable of sending signed and/or encrypted. I would recommend on looking at using AspEncrypt by Persit Software CryptoManager") 'AES requires the Microsoft Enhanced RSA and AES. CreateObject("sallatunturikatariina.comManager") Set CryptoContext=sallatunturikatariina.comntext("", true) 'init key Dim CryptoKey, KeyBlob, IVBlob Set KeyBlob=sallatunturikatariina.comBlob. I use my browser for on-line banking and, occasionally, I see this error in my browser: sallatunturikatariina.comManager.1 error 'a' Bad Data. /, line


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